About Us

About Indofast
We provide total Business Solutions

India is on a path to be a super power and with the internet making communication across the globe faster; it was apt that we named our company based on the two most important things for our company’s vision.

Indo + fast reflects the reason this company was started, to enable Indian businesses reach to the Top – Faster, through our services and products. We are a complete IT and Branding services company.

We started in the year 2009; we are a private limited company and registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs – Government of India.

There are 4 key pillars of our offerings
  • Web Listing and Portal:
  • IT and Web Solutions:
  • Digital Marketing and Training
  • Hardware Solutions:
About Us
About Us
Why did we start Indofast?

In India, currently only less than 50% of people are online and when it comes to businesses the number is even lesser. Going Online and Digital is restricted to urban businesses and the next billion users on internet are going to come from tier 2 and 3 cities and rural India.

Being online and promoting a business was a big challenge for everyone in the year 2009 and Indian digital economy was still a baby! At that time, we decided that Indofast will bridge this digital divide and connect Indian businesses to the world.